Spamford: Clue resistance writ large.

I was a NANAE (, the Usenet anti-spam frontline) regular back when Sanford Wallace decided – with great fanfare and all manner of self-aggrandisement – to cease email / usenet spamming. $DEITY knows how many cyberpromo-sourced spam messages I  got back in the (pre-DNSBL pre-Bayes pre-anything-but-procmail-filters) day.

Those that thought he’d just lay low for quite a while and keep on spamming were of course dead on the money.  Once a lying, thieving scumbag, always a lying thieving scumbag.

Now this – he’s been banned by court order from MySpace. I’m no fan of Murdoch (I believe News Limited own MySpace now) but a cage-match to the death between the two would be something I’d pay to see.

Enjoy the (lack of) fruits of your dishonesty Spammy…