Hi, gentle visitor,

I’m Michael Fleming, the half-Irish Australian Zen Buddhist systems administrator, janitor and all-round cosmic foole in charge of ThatFlemingGent as well as other sites sitting on this trusty old Athlon.

I’m a Brisbane native, born in the inner-city suburb of Kangaroo Point in 1973  – the flood of 1974 may explain why I was a good swimmer as a kid.

I lived in Logan City for 25 of my 35  (lolnope, middle aged now) years, going to the local high schools then on to university, where after a year at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music I switched to a Bachelor of Education (Music Education and English double major) graduating in 1997.

I’ve been was a systems administrator / architect for  about 9 years too long, getting into it after running some hobby servers during uni. I’ve worked for Webcentral (now a MelbourneIT company), Pegasus/Dedicated Servers and now the Australian Publishing Network.  (not anymore, contracting!) See my LinkedIn profile for a fuller curriculum vitae. I tinker with messaging and DNS  devops mainly.

[NB from current me: Getting into DevOps and out of sysadmin was a great idea,  as getting up at 2am is not fun, especially when you do amazeballs stuff all day and get no credit but shit for other people’s stuff breaking at idiotic hours]

I’m still a musician at heart even though I don’t play as much as I used to. I’m in a fulfilling relationship with a wonderful young woman who’s kept me healthy – I’m a vegetarian and I’m going gluten free – and sane.

I love a good read, an eclectic collection from Frank Herbert, Neil Strauss, Bruce Schneier, George Orwell, Isaac Asimov and many others populate my bookshelf.

Musically,I enjoy any good classical music of any era, modern electronica – Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, The Chemical Brothers, Crystal Method and Fatboy Slim. Some Amy Winehouse (as long as I don’t look at her), De La Soul, Kaiser Chiefs and Kings of Leon can be found in my playlists.

I game too – I’m an old school Ultima player, plus Fallout, Unreal Tournament, Call Of Duty and many others. [NB from current me: Eve Online tragic as of 2012, also ESO]

I can be contacted by email at web@thatfleminggent.com

Jabber users may also try me at mfleming at thatfleminggent.com  (no really bad idea, just find me on LinkedIn or Twitter or something, I don’t IM these days)

Michael. (pre-2017 and current piss-taking incarnations)