Pardon the disruption..

Due to a lost / corrupted GPG keyring and passphrase I’ve had to issue a new RPM signing key for my ThatFlemingGent repository. I’m fixing the breakage now and I can’t say I’m too pleased, it’s a pain in the proverbial nether regions I (and users!) can do without.

On the topic of packaging – the observant have noticed I didn’t do an F13 branch anyway – I simply don’t have the time and frankly my own hackish scripts can’t keep up with the pace anymore, so I’m scaling back to maintaining my Fedora/EPEL packages and my own RHEL/CentOS package set – the latter mainly as I use CentOS 5 on my infrastructure and I/others still want the Courier IMAP packages, or so AWStats tells me ?

I have however done a LOT of work on modules for the Puppet configuration management system, mainly as part of my daily work – 69 in total (not-so-gentlemen start your entendres) some of which I may extend / put up for public use (with permission) and help my fellow sysadmins.  Puppet is in both Fedora and EPEL (and fairly current too – I’m waiting for 2.6.0 to hit stable as it will fix some problems in my work environment *hint*)

Oh, and a “dear lazyweb” to finish – having worked extensively with PostgreSQL for the last 10 months I’ve become something of a fan and looking to move off my MySQL instances (which don’t perform as well) – any suggestions for a good PostgreSQL backend blog/CMS?

(I know Drupal already and it’s not my preference; Django-based stuff is out too through painful experience. Rails? Perhaps with a good mod_passenger package?)