New courier-imap packages

Sam released 4.5.0 today (and maildrop 2.1.0, which I’m trying to package up now and having an interesting time tracking a compile problem with the db/gdbm stuff) – I’ve updated my packages for CentOS/RHEL and Fedora in the usual places

In fact I’ve installed the new package for F9 on my server already without a hitch (yet, touch wood) – in fact I’ve never had a problem since moving from qmail-pop3d in Ye Olden Dayes (there’s still a few large places here in .au using qmail-pop3d; I’ve often wondered why..)

On a tangentially related topic – is it just the onset of madness or is my repoview index going somewhat random? For about a week or more the main index is been VERY out of order for all repos (cf here for example ). The repository data looks fine and the RSS feed data is in perfect shape. I’m wondering if I’m alone here or this is a “bug”? I’d prefer not to waste too much of Konstantin’s time if it’s just me ?

So don’t be alarmed regarding the latter (as a user) – I’ve not stopped.

(UPDATE: maildrop 2.1.0 builds, but without db4 support. Happy to release it if people don’t mind using gdbm. Curse you, BezerkleyDB! :-))