Mike takes on social networking sites; declares a draw

I’ve historically been loathe to take on social networking sites, knowing from past experience both as a user and administrator the pitfalls and headaches they can be.

Plus, some people using them are just plain fucking weird and/or gratuitously offensive because they think they’re anonymous (have I got bad news for *you*!).
I prefer to do my networking in 3space (ie the real world for you non-geeks) as the written word tends to be limiting when you want to get an idea / emotion across.

But I’ve relented.

I’m not exactly sure what prompted it, but I’ve signed on for LinkedIn, the nice, polite professional networker’s site and lo, in less than 3 weeks I’ve got 20 connections. Mostly these are old cow-orkers but hey, I’m not knocking it. It’s disgustingly simple to use and for a professional, especially one in technology-related fields beats writing a resume and having some dolt of a headhunter (not) read it.

I’ve also taken on MySpace (see my June 19 post) as I wanted to make a comment on a friend’s profile but can’t without an account.

So far it’s not beaten me yet but it’s interface and general tendency to shove ads down your throat grates a little. I’ll hack on the site when time and patience permit but it’s not a priority as I like my sanity.

On the other hand, it’s refreshingly humbling to be a complete n00b online, as being new to something on the Internet is a feeling I thought I’d forgotten. I’ve not racked up the same number of connections as LinkedIn (lots of spam and bogus friend requests though!) but for what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality[1] – only three friends (that Tom bloke gets around doesn’t he?[2] :-)) but two are the nicest girls I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in Tina and Angie – thanks heaps for the additions, you’ve made my week and I as always wish you well in anything and everything you do.

Next stops: del.icio.us? (I already do Digg and Mugshot)

Oh, and RSVP / Lavalife even though I dread the idea (and I still have only crap shots of myself – which will not help matters.)

*picks up hiking staff and wanders off*

[1] Even with the horrible photos in my profile
[2] Yeah, I know he’s the MySpace “guide” – 404 Humour not found there eh?