So, what have I done, where is the old site, you ask?

Well, I figured that the site could do with an update. It’s been literally years since I’ve made a major change to it. However there’s a few problems with this:

  1. I am not a hardcore website designer or coder. I looked at a stack of frameworks (Django, TurboGears, CakePHP among others) and there’s too much work involved. They’re really cool but ..
  2. I don’t have hours of time for this. I have a life after all. I wanted something simple I could use.
  3. I looked at a range of CMS options, including Drupal, which I’ve used for DotProfile Consulting. It’s cool and useful, but that being said..

I wound up “promoting” my WordPress blog to the “main” site. After looking over my old site, the only interesting things left were the Packages pages, the Quotes and the Servers pages. So I’ve added those as WP pages, redirected the old PHP pages to their new counterparts and viola (sic!) here we are.

This will at least enable me to keep the site more up-to-date in a simple manner, as well as encourage me to add to it once in a while. ? The theme is a good one too hey?

There’s still some teething and missing linkage – I’ll have to re-integrate the popular Gallery (which is still google-ranked for Tina Wallmann’s photos) once WPG gets fixed. I’m going to miss the GeoIP abuse / fun, but I’m tempted to write a plugin to bring it back ?

The “hardcore geek” stuff I’m going to move more towards the DotProfile site, keeping this more “personal”.

If there’s anything my regular visitors miss, please let me know!

PS. No Biting Pears Of Salamanca were harmed in the authoring of this post.