This is primarily of interest to my Fedora 5/6 package users.

I’ve pulled out last night’s build of AfterStep from the Enlartenment repo – it’s packaged OK but in practice it’s proving unusable. It packages it’s own internal version of libAfterImage (which is already in Extras as a discrete package, as I’ve found out) and all manner of interesting things can happen – aterm breaks for a start (it’s built against the Extras lib) and I can just see conflicts all over the place.

ssysm has also been pulled, as it crashes instantly with a stack overrun error (even after multiple builds) – I’ve done a little researching with valgrind & alleyoop which I’ll pass on to the author. In the meantime folks might want to stick with htop / dstat for the moment.

Hopefully the updates today – clive (which makes YouTube actually useful again) and darkstat – have no such issues ?