What’s the punishment for unlicensed reincarnation?

China tells living Buddhas to obtain permission before they reincarnate

Apparently if you’re a living Buddha (ie pretty much anyone, potentially) and you happen to reside in China you need a permit before you can reincarnate(!)

Um, yeah, that’s going to work out really well.. Think of the logistics much?

What if the permit is non-transferable? (being a bureaucracy you just know they’ll fsck that up)

How are they going to know? If you look at the concept properly there’s no guarantee you’re coming back as a human – could be a flea or a shark or an insurance salesman. Are the PRC going to ask them for their papers?

It’s like they’ve been taking lessons from the Australian Tax Office. 😀

Good luck with *that*, ya tools 😉

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  1. My friend overheard this in Beijing today: “Now Dalai Lama is getting old. So of course he is thinking about his next life, the next Dalai Lama. He wants to select his next one. Of course he cannot select where he will live. He knows when he passes, maybe without the permission of central government of China, maybe he cannot get re-life”

    She took some video of the exchange, as well, which you can see at: http://beijingwideopen.org/2007/08/05/video-from-the-lama-temple/

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