What a strange state of being this is...

This has been one of those times where a moment of quiet reflection is not suggested, but mandatory.

Firstly, my near and dear is most upset over the loss of a favourite horse. Being the animal lover she is, loss of any animal companion is going to hit hard.

Secondly, it turns out that Rosie Bebendorf, who died New Years Day after taking a dud E / GHB hit, was a friend of my old mate Stace’s. My condolences to all concerned for your loss.

Folks, appreciate what is around you while you are here to do so. It’s ephemeral and sadly so are you and I.

And on the “yeah, you really have problems, not” side, we have the greatest (attention) whore in the history of civilisation with this gem.

I’ve only slept with two men – Paris Hilton

Yes, and Barbara Cartland wrote a couple of short stories and Paul McCartney wrote the odd popular ditty.

Paris, either do something useful and constructive or just go away, please. You add little to the public discourse and your lamentations are frankly laughable.

(“Charity work”/donations/trusts are a furphy, simply a tax dodge for your sort, try a soup kitchen or Rosie’s van if you want to do it right)