Ups and downs.

Heh, a month between posts? I must be getting slack.

Things have mostly improved. I am again gainfully employed in a systems architecture / infrastructure development type role with Dedicated Servers / Hosting Shop here in Brisbane. It means less systems admin work (and the downsides like insane hours and being tied to a pager / mobile for work purposes) and more interesting development and new-toy type tinkering.

It’s based in the CBD too so it’s a short-ish commute, and their 2 DC’s (a small one in an office block a few streets over – coincidentally where qbert is now stored  – as well as a larger one in the main office building) are easy to get to.

On the Fedora front, the Sulphur repo is chugging along, with the F7 repo now officially being retired. As I’ve got CentOS boxes I’m packaging more for that too (mainly release 5 i386/x86_64). I’ve restored sinistar to my in house network and added – lord knows why, must have been drunk – a Solaris 10 box.

Offline life -wise things have been interesting. I’ve been using Facebook for about 9 months now (my old flatmate Steve got me on to it initially, but only started using serious since I met Meisha) and have re-connected with a group of old school friends and classmates, including a few I’d not expected (one initially found me on Myspace, which I generally don’t use too much – I pointed her at Facebook so she could reach my brother)

I’m spending less time on the ‘net and PCs in general – figured I need a break. Only exceptions to this are for some gaming (Call Of Duty 4, Need For Speed, Grand Turismo 4 on the PS2) and chatting with friends who happen to see me on IM.

I’m changing my look too – I’ve grown a soul patch and am looking to get the highlights back in my hair (had blond-ish highlights after my birthday, but they’ve grown out to an extent and aren’t prevalent after a recent haircut.). I’ve also got a nice jacket on layby which I’ll hopefully pick up soon. Thanks again to Meish for all the style tips ?

I promise to assail you all with photos once I’ve done all this…

Downside: My 6 year old titanium glasses frame snapped this afternoon (while reading Facebook, hah) and I’m off to get another set of frames tomorrow morning. I could do without the hassle (why do these things happen on a Sunday, and when I can least afford them?) but I like being able to see..