Work: Is going well. Security and fixup work at the moment, a nice mailserver build (learning a bit about I/O kernel elevators) and miscellanea.

Life: My love is back from interstate with all of her needed gear. Catching up with old friends from school via Facebook of all places. Another old wound crossed off The List (no, my name is not Earl, but thanks Louise :-))

Hopefully I’ll have paid off the flashy jacket soon, can’t wait to give it some airings out on the town.

Went down the coast with my love and her half-sister – stayed mostly sober and enjoyed it immensely. The sore head I had afterwards wasn’t so much an issue.

Tech: Qbert is in HostingShop/Dedicated Server’s datacentre. MelbIT have released thatfleminggent.com’s DNS to me, which means I’ve taken over control of the zonefile (with zoneedit.com/SAGE-AU as secondaries for this and other domains under my control). I can now add all the funky records that MIT’s notoriously under-trained techs have no idea of, like SPF and SRV records. The latter meaning I can now do XMPP/Jabber properly and I can do VoIP/SIP if I wish (and plan to). I’m fairly happy about that.

Packge-wise, just updates for standard packages (more are going into Fedora proper, but more slowly). I am packaging for CentOS now that outrun is online (see my servers page) and I encourage folks to use it if they like.