Updated (but with a few wrinkles)

I now have Fedora Core 6 on defender, my desktop PC.

The DVD image took a while but worked flawlessly. However the combination of it and the old NVIDIA Xorg driver ensured I was in console mode most of that night (Thursday) – fixed now though.

Now I have a rather bizarre series of kernel panics, which *may* be due to lm_sensors (as it’s reading the thermistor then causing Xorg to shit itself, bringing the whole place down with it) but I’m not 100% yet. I’ll run some HW tests tonight to hopefully eliminate that as an issue.

I also now have the i386 DVD (so I can do qbert/pong at a later date) to burn tomorrow. Those folks that use my RPM repository can also expect to see an FC6 branch soon, probably later in the week.

Life’s been fairly quiet. A friend pointed me at the Press Club for a preferred local drinking establishment (see my previous posts for the fun I had (not) getting entry to SunBar two doors up a couple of weeks ago…).

Comfortable, good beer selection, excellent DJ (anyone that can get Grand Master Flash’s “The Message” into a set and not sound shit is OK with me, as well as the house-y mix of Massive Attack’s “Unfinished Sympathy” which was first class) and the bar staff are prompt and friendly (and in the case of the petite brunette there Saturday night, quite cute)

However, work rears it’s head again tomorrow – but at least I have the billing servers off my back now ?