Inquiring minds want to know how the following didn’t turn into a Darwin Awards nomination:

Coming home from drinks with my good friend Steven, I was stopped and asked for directions by a middle aged couple in a reasonably priced car. This part is fine.

However, they chose to stop me at the traffic lights. On a one way street. Facing and headed the wrong way – a fact they seemed oblivious to.

To top it off, they were asking how to get to the Gold Coast Highway, which doesn’t really exist. The Pacific Highway will get them to the Gold Coast, which is about an hour in the opposite direction to where they were going.

To top off the idiocy – after thanking me they proceeded to turn into the bus lane and speed off – again, the wrong way.

Oh, and before anyone asks – they sounded very British and a lot more sober than I.


Folks, just buy a map, or a TomTom/Garmin/GPS-of-choice….