1. People need to chill the fuck out. I’ve had two people I love dearly lose the plot today; is there really a need? Really? Life is short and things are impermanent. If someone else has fucked you over, it’s their problem, not necessarily you – let them deal with their own issues, you get on with positive living.
  2. The Guinness Book Of Records need a category for SQL statement abuse – I saw SELECT DISTINCT query with two INNER JOINS, two OUTER JOINS (with SELECT * subselects) a SORT affecting 250K rows, an ORDER BY clause – on PostgreSQL. If SQL97 had a “PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE” they would have used it. The PostgreSQL query plan it generated almost made my eyes bleed.
  3. Found cursebird.com, which follows swear words used in twitter updates. Apparently I swear less than a childrens TV presenter. They’ve obviously not seen the Agro/Anne-Marie Biggar out-takes on YouTube.
  4. EDIT: Almost forgot about the NANOG poster who thought that because he couldn’t contact the WHOIS server for apnic.net, that Brisbane (where APNIC’s offices are based) was affected by the fires and/or floods[1] Given that I work upstairs from APNIC, I hope not. πŸ˜€ Those wacky Yanks and their geography FAILs

[1] We are about 1000km from either, but both in our thoughts.