Thursday's Thoughts.

  1. People need to chill the fuck out. I’ve had two people I love dearly lose the plot today; is there really a need? Really? Life is short and things are impermanent. If someone else has fucked you over, it’s their problem, not necessarily you – let them deal with their own issues, you get on with positive living.
  2. The Guinness Book Of Records need a category for SQL statement abuse – I saw SELECT DISTINCT query with two INNER JOINS, two OUTER JOINS (with SELECT * subselects) a SORT affecting 250K rows, an ORDER BY clause – on PostgreSQL. If SQL97 had a “PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE” they would have used it. The PostgreSQL query plan it generated almost made my eyes bleed.
  3. Found, which follows swear words used in twitter updates. Apparently I swear less than a childrens TV presenter. They’ve obviously not seen the Agro/Anne-Marie Biggar out-takes on YouTube.
  4. EDIT: Almost forgot about the NANOG poster who thought that because he couldn’t contact the WHOIS server for, that Brisbane (where APNIC’s offices are based) was affected by the fires and/or floods[1] Given that I work upstairs from APNIC, I hope not. ? Those wacky Yanks and their geography FAILs

[1] We are about 1000km from either, but both in our thoughts.