Things I've learnt this week

  1. There are no tasteful Myspace layouts. It’s simply not possible
  2. Most of the invites on above are spammers or struggling musos. No thanks..
  3. I like Perl’s way of writing to files better than Python’s
  4. Olive oil makes a fast and effective makeup remover (the things I learn from Meish!)
  5. Headhunting old work colleagues is fun and potentially profitable
  6. 512mb memory sticks don’t cut it anymore. Thankfully bigger ones are dirt cheap
  7. Lawrence of Arabia is quite long and slow in parts, despite being a classic movie.
  8. OpenID doesn’t get enough love among the general web community

I’ll also need to change my diet, which has regressed a little – feeling a little grungy lately and that’s not good. I might pop down to the chemist and look at some of the liver cleansing packs they carry; it helped last time. Cutting back on the junk completely might help, as would limiting myself to just a couple of cups of coffee a week, not the 3 a day some of my work colleagues are drinking.