There has to be a happy medium somewhere (?)

Good Things:

  • Tina Wallmann has gotten a Zoo Weekly cover, a fairly good photoset (wish they’d lay off the airbrush though, she doesn’t need it) – nicely done, proud of you mate ?
  • Dad leaves for Bangkok on Friday night for a heart operation – hopefully this will give him a bit more time and a much better quality of life than he’s had this last 12 months.
  • I’ll hopefully be on faster connections at home soon – moving to ADSL2+

Bad Things:

  • It’s another 3 weeks before the new DSL can be set up, and I’m still owed expenses money from an old employer – which I want to use to pay off arrears. Get yer arse in gear!
  • AXUS RAID arrays suck horse dong. The serial connection options are crap and the front panel config is a joke. How the hell am I meant to reset a failed box to factory settings, pray tell?

Very Bad Thing:

  • I hope (perhaps in vain, but I have to remain positive) that I’ve not lost a good friend this week. Those who know me well know who I mean and perhaps what’s happening. I hate to see a great mateship end in such a horrible manner and I’ll do my utmost to avoid it – you know full well I’m understanding so don’t be afraid to talk to me, to thrash things out and work out what I swear on a stack of sutras is just a miscommunication somewhere along the line. If not, we’re both going to suffer for ages – a case of lost camaraderie and good times sullied. I don’t want that and I know you don’t either.