The one about yoga, marketing and DNS.

I’ve been fairly flat out this week. No blog entries, even my Twitter updates are sparse in comparison to the norm for me.

Speaking of Twitter – dear Marketing people: I know you won’t listen because you don’t really care unless you can make a buck out of it, but we would like at least one popular use of the Internet that has a decent signal-to-noise ratio. It’s not there as a cheap way for you to flog products, it can be a useful and simple communications tool for the savvy masses.

I point blank refuse to buy anything spammed in such a manner and I’d rather eat my own testicles than shill for you in any way shape or form. I’d rather follow someone with something compelling to read – Stephen Fry is an excellent example.

Even while my dearest is out of town I’m continuing with the “hot yoga” classes. It’s getting a little easier although doing so in loose shirts is probably not a great idea. Late in the lesson when you’ve sweat about a litre they tend to hang off me like a heavy towel, which is not fun. A singlet would be more sensible.

I did say I’d move the “technical” blogging to DotProfile, but I’ll make a break here – my network is BIND-free; I’m the maintainer of the MaraDNS package in Fedora (having inherited it from the previous maintainer who has moved on to other things) but haven’t used it as much as I should have.

As there’s a newer version (and a buglet in the current package’s init script) I rolled a new one and tried it on my internal servers – it’s running very nicely now, a touch quicker than BIND and while the zone format is rather odd, it’s still simpler to configure than BIND. So now I’ve got one PowerDNS box (qbert) and one MaraDNS (pong). I’m starting to run out of nameservers to try (having run djbdns, nsd, unbound, dnsmasq and posadis in the past here, and MS-DNS at previous workplaces.)

Oh, expect a new maradns release for Fedora very soon. It’s already in Rawhide.