The life must flow!

For those who didn’t think I’d ever do it…. Here it is.

Old Velvet Cigar Membership Card

I carried that sucker around for years (got it in 2000 from Leomie, hope she’s doing well) as a reminder of someone who meant a great deal to me. However all things pass, and it’s well over time I put it away, so back into the old photo album it goes.

The place just isn’t interesting or fun anymore, most of the atmosphere is long gone. To those still earning a crust there, may your time be fruitful and you find a path out of suffering soon.

Pity I never got a chance to farewell their exemplary security/doorman Spiros nor my near-enlightened pal Sarah. But they know I respect them and understand – they’ll see me around.

Interestingly, of those I did farewell, only one asked why – but I’ll wager that young man’s mindfulness serves him well in his long life ahead. Good job Will ?