The idiots are running the asylum

U-huh, given the idiocy of the hicksville judges in Virginia (spam costs the recipient money and sure as hell isn’t free speech) and the self-aggrandising attention whoring of Leibermann (like a terrorist organization is going to put their how-tos on YouTube – it’s at best a stunt on the politician’s part, or the start of efforts by them to pressure YT into censoring more things they don’t like at worst) it’s understandable that the rest of the world would route around the US.

US Citizens, I beg of you to put the adults back in charge come your elections in November (not the Abe Simpson/Ma Kettle pairing on the Right, we’re sick of yee-haw shoot ’em up statesmanship) or the Rest Of The World will have to send you to the corner chair with the dunce cap until you do.

We don’t really want to, but if you keep doing stupid things like this, we will.