ThatFlemingGent's Shut In Show

Isolation Insanity kicks in, shut-in installs Streamlabs and remembers he has a Twitch account

ThatFlemingGent's Shut In Show

It's now on Twitch under ThatFlemingGent (of course) - I've had the account for ages (and some old VODs of Elite: Dangerous were available for a while) but given the current climate I figured I'd at least entertain myself and some others by learning a little about video streaming.

I don't intend to become a professional by any means (and I don't have the ahem assets cough or flair for drama / bullshit for a "Just Chatting" regular) I'm just happy to do it just for fun, and learning opportunities.

This is apparently gaming content. If you look closely you can almost see the Fortnite menu - if you can see past those TITANIC BOOBS
This is actually streamed game content (from an ESO stream I did earlier)
The Short Shut In Show

Streaming random stuff because I can.

Posted by That Streaming Gent on Friday, 17 April 2020
The stream itself

That being said I get the odd request for DevOps / Cloud related "how to" videos so there's a non-zero chance I may do some quick Science and Technology streams.

I might even show my face if I can get a decent green-screen happening :D