Still walking the path...

I’ve not had much inclination to update this (in case you’ve not noticed ;-)) but as I’ve updated the theme and done a bit of web design / hacking around I reckon “what the hell..”

Life (and love): Where do I start? An almost complete turnaround; a bit more style and grace as well as a change of hair colour (light brown highlights ahoy), loss of about 10 kilos in weight and a conversion to vegetarianism (and organic if I can get it). All this is thanks to a most wonderful young lady who, by taking a punt on this olde crone – I turned 35 on St. Patrick’s Day – has changed his life for the better, utterly. She knows who she is and that I love her with all my heart ?

It’s been a revelation being able to spend quality time with someone so free-spirited, loving and all-around wonderful (as well as traffic-stoppingly gorgeous). The vegetarianism has taken some getting used to (after eating the standard Australian diet for my entire life) but it’s been worth it… except most of my pants are too big now ;-). Getting out and about doing things I’ve not done for years (music festivals for example) or not even considered (vintage clothing shopping) has been a breath of fresh air.

It certainly beats sitting in an office all day and home in front of the teev / PC all night.

Work: Same old there, really. I have been reliably informed that many of my old colleagues from Webcentral (my former employer, now part of the MelbourneIT borg) have moved on, with good reason – there’s better opportunities out there there.

Tech: I’ve inherited a huge and noisy Dell server (installed and christened “combat”) which I’m unsure of future-wise. It’s simply too loud to keep in the house; I’d love to use it as “pong” is getting old and starting to fail.

qbert is in the iSeek datacentre and chugging nicely, acting as a public timeserver too.
I’ve been updating parts of the site too, mostly cosmetic changes.

Fedora 9 is out soon. I’m undecided as to whether I package privately for it; every release sees some of my packages (or others who’ve packaged the same stuff) in the main repository. This combined with changed priorities will mean I’ll decide later.

I have been doing some web design and some code, as I’m working on a site for my girlfriend’s makeup artistry business. It’s very basic thus far – it’s not even public per se – but already I’ve picked up a few tricks to add to my playbook.

If they work and she gets more work out of it, so much the better – two happy people, that’s a good start!