Something new and hopefully good.

A different kind of week this week.

I do need to go on a diet, or at least go back to my old one as Christmas has done little for my waistline. The Significant Other is trying to convince me to go gluten-free and hit the gym, which are both good ideas. I forsee walking to work for the exercise soon too ?

We also hit the shops yesterday and today, so I’ve got (another) new haircut and some more bling. To my surprise I can fit in size 38in pants, and even 36in depending on brand –  something that’s been impossible for a long time. I can say I’m unhappy about that ?

Qbert’s crashed on me a couple of times (suspect PSU but sensors aren’t telling me) and hopefully yesterday was the last time for quite a while (hopefully forever :-)).

I’ve pushed out new WordPress OpenID and Supercache plugins, even using the latter here now; not that I expect to get Dugg or Slashdotted tomorrow. I’m running out of interesting things to package to be honest.

As some may be aware, I run a Crossfire RPG server on qbert;  however noone’s logged in for ages. I may swap it for Deliantra or even something Free that people might actually play, like Nexiuz or Battle for Wesnoth or even Teeworlds, which seems like fun ? Suggestions welcomed.