Some changes around...

Firstly, you might have noticed a change in theme (basically went back to the default Kubrick theme for WordPress)

This isn’t strictly by design, as my original choice of theme breaks in subtle ways under WP 2.1 and I haven’t had time to fix it.

Mind you, I might as well start looking at others anyway, given that I’m still considering a site revamp.

I’m slowly building up the RPM list, with some new versions of old favourites plus innotop, which I’ve finally gotten around to doing properly (as I’m using innodb tables for my Postfix/MySQL virtual hosting)

mt-daapd got broken by the latest Fedora rhythmbox upgrade – I’ve no idea how to fix it, sorry!

Fedora 6 is due for installation onto Qbert this weekend (ideally, all going to plan) in order to keep stuff up-to-date. Fedora 7 (note the lack of “Core”) is just around a couple of short corners and may be quite different (for example “spins” and the merge of Extras – more on that in another post later when I’ve gotten better informed)

Ran into Jessica (old acquaintance of mine) on the town last weekend, nice to see her again – it’d been the best part of 12 months!

Dad has gone into hospital for a life-and-death operation Wednesday. A cancerous (but benign at the moment) bowel obstruction needs to be removed, but given he’s 73 and has a heart condition this complicates things – the op could potentially kill him or render him a vegetable if it goes wrong. I’m hopeful he gets through it OK. We’ll know by Wednesday night and ideally he will be out of the woods by the weekend.

*crosses fingers*