Smallish things.

Well, one thing is fairly important if you’re a long time user. “” is gradually going away.

I’ve had the domain for what seems like forever and no one seems to understand the etymology. In essence it’s a bit hackish – a mashup of “enlightenment” and “LART”. Previous webpages here explained it but I got the feeling it never came across well. “” seems much better, cleaner, easier to understand. Most of my traffic comes to that domain now, especially since the move to WordPress for most things.

I’ve moved most of my email to now, so gradually it’ll just drift off until I bother not to renew.

On other matters – Vodafone is in my bad books. I went to upgrade my phone from a Nokia 6500 Slide to a Blackberry Storm (useful for work) but after giving me the 3rd degree re: identity and doing the paperwork they wouldn’t give me the phone!

The antiquated garbage that they call a “billing system” still shows an outstanding balance, despite me being paid up – I even gave them the transaction number from the bank. Fucking idiots. They can take the money OK – the bank confirmed the transfer – but they haven’t gotten around to processing it yet. This is 2009 for fuck’s sake – have they got some old woman with an old calculator doing their accounts? Unacceptable in this day and age.

I too see the “new” Facebook, and yes, I think it looks like Twitter too. So much for the vaunted innovation of “Web 2.D’oh”! ?

That said, I’ll at least have The Jacket (which has taken forever to pay off :-)), a replacement Bluetooth dongle to replace my semi-broken one – and hopefully some better hosting (the Aussie dollar is steady, which is good)