Repository updated for Core 6 :-)

My Fedora RPM repository has been updated for Fedora Core 6, now that defender has settled down and ceased panicking. For those not using it already, wander over to my Packages page for more information.

Unfortunately for the Atari 2600 and SCUMM engine buffs, scummvm and stella refused to recompile for some odd reason. Dribble has stella and Livna an older version of scummvm if you’re desperate.

There’s a couple of notable things this time around – I announced this previously to the fedora-list at redhat, and it seems my server is getting hammered as a result. I think I need more bandwidth. I will also try and keep the FC5 packages in sync this time, now that I have more than adequate drive space.

I’m about to kick a new mpop build and will hack in perl-Dev-Bollocks some time this week.