Random Post #2042007


Tina Wallmann has won Zoo Weekly’s Beach Girl Comp 2007

Congratulations! I’m not normally a Zoo Weekly reader but I’ll pick up this one (I hope they’re better to you than they were Lara Bingle)

Mercedes Corby is suing Today Tonight

That’s Karma for you. someone has to keep the 6:30 tabloid trash honest, may as well be via the legal system.


The April Fool’s Jokes on the web this year. Most of my regular sites didn’t bother or make much of an effort (Google tried too hard with TISP and Google Paper; Fark had a rather poor “we’ve been hacked” image in Demotivator style, Slashdot a reddit.com ratings system ripoff that managed to be even worse than the pink “OMGPONIES” shite they pulled last year) but there was one unexpected site that came up with the goods.


A good April Fool’s joke is like good trolling – subtle and believable. Most Australian internet users are well aware of both the Government’s ineptitude towards technology and it’s overwhelming Conservative desire to keep it’s corporate and moralist masters happy. So when the above went up, the resulting response was the expected Howard-bashing – not until later was it revealed it was actually an AF gag. Good job there Simon (you even had me thinking twice)

I may need to lay low for a while :-):

In Fedora-land news I’ve checked in mod_security packages 2.1.0 for Core 6 and Core 5 (they’ve been in Rawhide for a while now)

It’s going to piss some less-attentive folks i’ll wager, so I’m expecting some bug reports and stick from the userbase. But as it also fixes a moderate vulnerability it had to happen (plus 1.9.x isn’t really well supported anymore)

Expect it to hit the mirrors tomorrow.

I also updated GeoIP to 1.4.2, but while fixing one stupid typo in my contributed code (the fetch-geoip-*.pl scripts) left another brown-paper-bag effort in. Perhaps when 1.4.3 comes out…


I need to fill out the Wiki (there’s some basic stuff there now, including my mail stats for you to chuckle at). I might move the Code and Anti-Spam stuff in there too.

More pics in the gallery. I’ve managed to keep my Google results in shape by intelligent redirection via mod_rewrite, and someone’s still looking at them. I figure I may as well put something good in there (“More Tina!” say the peanut gallery?)