Random musings for an autumn evening.

  • Is it some extension of Sod’s Law that the day after I build a brand new package, upstream will put out a new version that fixes some serious bug? libmemcached is a good example. I’ve just pushed 0.28 the ThatFlemingGent repo less than a day after 0.27. Are the tangent.org folks watching me? ?
  • Collary: Software useful to me / my work will have an overly generic name, leading to packaging naming / namespace fun. Would anyone like to hazard a guess at what “statsproxy” does? (Tip: It’s not for webserver logs). *grumble*
  • Two reverse proxies, two webservers running both Apache *and* lighttpd and two PostgreSQL boxes to run one site: A sign of a systems architect trying to be too fscking clever?
  • Said setup is active-passive. Trying to be too clever and failing? ? (ps. it’s not mine)
  • I seem to have a real menagerie of Twitter followers; After following Neil “The Game” Strauss I got a gaggle of pickup artists, I have the requisite band of “social media” professionals (hey, beats working ? – except @lozz ‘cos she’s working for a good cause) I even picked up a couple of boozers after mentioning vodka in a tweet. I often wonder “what on earth are you following little ol’ me for?”. The real-life friends I understand.. The motivations behind others would be interesting..
  • I am a systems admin by trade (audience: “You don’t say!”) but I’ve really gone off coffee, which might have something to do with most of the local blends tasting like wet road base. Yeah, I know I’m probably going to get drummed out of the Secret Society of Systems Admins (TINSocietyOfSystemsAdmins) but I’m a tea man – chai mainly, but for those times when you need to be alert at some insane hour ie. most days it doesn’t seem to cut it. Suggestions for a sane caffeine hit for those of us who absolutely positively have to be up most of the night? ?

Oh, and if you’re reading this via Planet Fedora – hi there (*waves from his home in Brisbane, .au*). I’m the GeoIP / ModSecurity package guy, among other things.

I’m more BOFH than hacker/coder (not that it’s stopped me patching / rewriting things before in an emergency). I’ll post something with more signal in the future – I give you my word as a gentleman ?