Progress, Fleming style.

I have been privileged, spending the last couple of days in the most wonderful company of my very special “better half” – a great meal Tuesday (the Himalayan Cafe in Brunswick Street, Valley is recommended if you’re out that way) and a perfect followup yesterday of a lovely afternoon and evening in, just relaxing and watching some quality movies. Given all that’s been happening lately it’s exactly what I needed and there’s no words how grateful I am to know such a wonderful young lady ?

Today has been super-busy – two hours this afternoon at Red Hat’s Brisbane office attending a presentation on SAN booting using HP virtual connections and devicemanager-multipath (very good and quite easy given the elegant way it’s been implemented at install time (on RHEL ; try “linux mpath” at the linux: prompt) and a little more on IPA (unified authentication and auditing) and a little virtualisation, which looks really good.

Another hour on the phone to New Zealand (and another one tomorrow here in BrisVegas) but I’ll say little more about that until all is finalised ?

My RPM packages are finally getting updated – Fedora 8’s had actually been updated a couple of days ago however due to an out-of-sync mirror I only succeeded with F9’s this afternoon, so both are now rolling along as they always have.