Preparing for Fedora Core 6...

For those folks who follow it, Fedora Core 6 is out tomorrow (or the day after depending on your time zone).

For me, this also means rebuilding my repositories over the weekend in preparation for folks (including me!) wanting my packages.

However, I will need to make some changes again this time around (much like the TODO I had for Fedora Core 5). Additionally, I can’t claim direct compatbility with RPMForge anymore, as I’ve stopped using Freshrpms in favour of Livna/Dribble some months ago. I shouldn’t be directly in-compatible though
Since Core/Extras 5 has been released, there’s been a number of packages go in that I have in the past maintained and probably should go. Good examples are

  • ntfsprogs (including the fuse module) – this is in Extras with the ntfs-3g driver (which I started using tonight)
  • Zile and perl-Net-IP, which I’d mistakenly rebuilt – even though the latter is in Core updates!
  • Quodlibet (I prefer Listen and Rhythmbox anyway..)
  • pyxmpp (python-xmpp in Extras) which I don’t really use, only for a local hack (the JMC jabber transport, which will probably go soon anyway..)

As long term followers of my packaging know, the number of packages seems to lessen each release – but when Extras publishes 4000+ packages there’s not much left of interest!

I am considering some “new” editions – some useful Perl modules, possibly some MySQL related apps (innotop and mysql-query-profiler for a start), ferm for firewalling (replacing my now-ugly Perl hack) – and Wah!Cade for MAME (sdlmame has no “default” frontend)

If anyone has others they’d like to see and aren’t covered by Core/Extras/Livna/Dribble, drop me a comment!