One very ordinary weekend...


Dad still in hospital. He’s been having dizzy spells over the course of the week due to low iron/haemoglobin levels. Mum took him in last Tuesday after one too many.
Caught up with Bri but not as much as I’d like. On the upside she’s finished doing her clinical (field work for undergrad nurses) and has gotten back her love of nursing, which is good.

Due to all that’s happened this week sapping my energy, turned in earlier than usual.


Bummed around the house for a bit, checked out the Valley markets, pushed some packages out when I got home, some clothes readied for later that night.
Went out around nine o’clock after a light dinner. I’d usually head up to Sun Bar right off the bat because I like the place – nice atmosphere, drinks are reasonably priced, good crowd and no hassles.

Tonight however was a different story; the trip there was stillborn thanks to the “door bitch” who decided I was “too casual” to get in (good collared shirt, clean as-new jeans and my boots) even though I’d worn the exact same gear only a few weeks ago and noone batted an eyelid.

To top it off, she was extremely rude about the whole affair. When the above was pointed out, the reply was “well I’m here tonight and my taste is different”. I have known many doormen and greeters (including Tina, the best I’ve known) and judging fashion sense is NOT part of the job. If you pass muster regarding dress regulations – and no other bar or club in the Valley has ever knocked me back for what I wore – then you’re as good as anyone else to go in.

I know it’s not always the way, and in this case I left it at that and will have another go on Friday/Saturday, but beware if you , as a “door bitch” / uppity bouncer try it, you will get little sympathy if you try it on someone and they abuse you/call you a cheap whore (and given the dress of the lady in question it would likely cross a few minds) or worse. You live on your karma.

Went into the Mustang Bar instead and won a cooler off a couple of pretty (if not overly engaging) promo girls. The service is a little slow but it’s not bad, a lot like Adrenalin Bar but without the sporting-parephenalia overkill.


Woke up early and got in a decent breakfast for a change.

Bought a couple of polo shirts at Myer, then realised why JAG only goes to 36 pants – their “XL” shirts (usually around a 40″ chest for most brands) would barely fit a skinny teen… *sigh*. Down $80.
Settled back in at home, decided to quit while behind. ?