No IPv6 :-(


It seems my IPv6 routed range and tunnel have been offline for the best part of the week. I’ve tried multiple times to rebuild it and that part of it’s fine – but once it hits the other end of the tunnel, no route to any host.

So it looks like my tunnel broker, (Hurricane Electric) aren’t particularly on the ball in this regard and I’m not expecting much.

I’ve tried singing up with but they haven’t got a presence point I can use (their policy is to reject latencies > 100ms, which means pretty much everywhere outside of Australia – the link via NZ is the killer, even the closest PoP is 250ms+.

I can go with AARNet, but have tried before and it’s a bit ugly. It’s a standby if I really, really want it I guess.
Mind, there’s very little traffic from the wildside coming in over IPv6, so I’ll likely just shut it all down and stick with classic IPv4. It’s been an interesting experience but the educational benefit and cool factor have now worn off – so I’ll likely take the tunnel down for good and remove the AAAA records soon enough.

To those IPv6 users – sorry folks.