Moving very soon..

The lease on my apartment here in Fortitude Valley has expired and my landlords have opted not to offer me an extension (well, they DID but then rescinded it after I agreed to it, lusers). I’ve not settled on anything else as yet – still going over a whole raft of units / apartments close by – but I hope to have something settled in the next few days.

This will probably mean that I and the site will be offline for a few days once all is confirmed, as I’ll need to get Internode to relocate my connection to (hopefully) another Agile ADSL2+ exchange. If you mail me during this time don’t panic, I will get it (I’ve got a box at work acting as a backup)

In other matters:

I’ve finally been convinced to sign up for Crack^H^H^HFacebook by my old flatmate Steve. It’s actually not bad especially compared to MySpace and the developer APIs are tempting. Plus more of my old friends and colleagues are on it – as well as fewer spammers, whiny emo kids and creepy stalkers. ?

You know my name, have a wander over – there’s even some photos of me as a sprightly 19 year old music student.


I’ve been packaging like mad again – updates to the Courier suite, ndoutils and some Perl packages. Last night’s upgrades pulled in mock 0.8.4 and it’s damned noisy. I tried compiling an mt-daapd nightly release and it failed on all arches and versions – unfortunately the logging is cranked up so much I can’t see where or why under all the debug cruft *sigh*. I’m sure I’ll suss something out.

I’ll elucidate more later (all this househunting + work etc. has left me exhausted) but I’d like to finish up with a plea to my old friend Tina Wallmann to please cheer up and remember you will always have people around who care and want what’s best for you.