Moving on....

A few things have happened since my last entry.

Firstly, I have ceased working for WebCentral / MelbourneIT, my employer for the last seven years to take a job as a systems administrator / developer at Sauce Software, a smaller locally-based software / e-commerce development company.

This not only means a lot less customers than I would normally deal with (and a lot less infrastructure) but it means moving away from Windows server administration and returning to my Linux systems admin “roots”. It also gives me an opportunity to cut some code and do a moderate amount of systems architecture work (something I was unable to do as much as I’d liked at WC)

I enjoyed working at WC and I will miss many of the folks I worked with but I figured that a change was necessary and thus took a good opportunity when offered. I’m sure the guys and girls that remain will take good care of my “legacy” ?

I’m also considering my options for my package repository. Fedora Extras has officially been merged into just plain ol’ Fedora (due for release next week) and many of the packages I maintain have/are being pulled into the main spin – gammu and archivemail are two examples off the top of my head.

I can continue to offer my packages as I always have – but the new system offers other options. I could theoretically offer a “spin” of my own, say a small server-oriented install (with the courier packages or dropbear etc.) or just plain hunt through my own packages and offer them to Fedora, lessening my maintenance here. I’ll see what F7 brings.

I am strongly considering some support for RHEL/CentOS now that I’m working with it on a daily basis. I’ll have to see what builds against it though ?

I’ve also acquired a laptop from my new employer, which means wireless networking – I’ve been a wired home for ages and now I need an AP or card that works well with Fedora I can use for hostap ? Suggestions welcome.

Life? I can actually have one now, I just need to make good use of it.