More random shite..

Not much of this is going to be coherent, but here goes:

Metafilter posters can be cuttingly funny:

“When I think of Sydney I think of the Crocodile Hunter and Paul Hogan jousting against each other in speed boats, while Yahoo Serious referees by drinking himself into a coma.”

(in a thread comparing Melbourne + Sydney. Posted by a Yank of course* ;-))

I picked up a nice cheap 19″ LCD monitor to replace the serviceable 17″ CRT (that I picked up off a mate for $15, probably ‘cos it was hot). Works great, clarity is excellent.

However: Microsoft – ClearType sucks big albino donkey balls. Freetype with hinting on Fedora (via Livna) shits all over it in terms of readability. Nice try but no go.

All my machines are now Fedora 7 (just as F8Test3 is due to go out the door.) but at least I won’t get caught when FC6 end-of-life hits.

Green tea with ginkgo biloba = good stuff but doesn’t help posting journal entries when you’ve had a crap day at work and no sleep the night before.

Other stuff can wait until it’s worth going into in detail.

– MF.

* Noone here gives a flying fuck about Yahoo Serious here anymore.