I'm so bored I could listen to Yes.

It’s Saturday, I’ve got a sore throat and I’m on call. Not particularly happy at the moment but things could be worse.

In pushing out a couple of small updates to the site tonight I remembered that a “bzr merge” will of course set the timestamps on any merged files, so when I synced the changes – pop, updated are all the dates on the pages (as the footer takes the file’s modification time to determine the last change in the page).

As I’d merged my development tree back to the stable one (the website you actually see) on the 5th, there’s now a bunchteen pages which incorrectly think they’ve been updated. Bugger.

I love bazaar as a version control system, especially after experience with CVS and Subversion, but that’s gonna be a pain in the arse. I might put a comparison of my experiences in the tech wiki sometime in the future.

However, my aside has worked well (and the cleanup hasn’t been painful for people) so that’s a good thing. This is also the first post using Drivel (GNOME blog client) so we’ll see how it works.

I also picked up the Zoo Weekly edition with the ever-gorgeous Tina in it. The one page she was on has been scanned and in the gallery if you want a look at it. I’m not much on the magazine (it sits precariously between the wannabe-GQ of Maxim/Ralph and the Playboy-for-Bogans that is Picture / People) but I’ll support a friend anytime.

I’ve put the Litany Against Fear on my Quotes page. For those that don’t know it, it’s from Frank Herbert’s Dune series, used by the Bene Gesserit sisterhood (and Paul Muad’Dib / Leto II) as a means of focusing their minds in times of stress. It’s a handy little mantra, and I may well expound on it’s uses later on…

However, I’ve got a cup of coffee brewing and a DVD to watch, so I’m off.