I'm getting fitter!

As most folks who know me personally know, I’m not exactly a little guy. Not huge (175cm / 95kg or 5’9″ and 205lb in the old money) but not a lightweight either. I used to be even bigger in times past – 110kg at one stage a few years ago. There’s some gallery photos to prove it too, alas.

The ironic thing is that I was a weightlifter as a youngster so should know better. But things are on the up – my darling better half has been feeding me – literally and figuratively – some good advice and ideas for better health. I’ve been mainly-vegetarian for around a year now and have been recently cutting out/down the coffee, junk and even wheat / gluten products.

Of course exercise is also essential – so I’ve been walking to and from work each day for around 3 weeks now and intend to keep going. Not only am I losing the excess weight but it’s cheaper and believe it or not quicker than driving / taking public transport (which is well patronised but slow due to the number of transfers needed to get to work). I start yoga next week and will be going back to the weights soon, even just for nostalgia.

I don’t often plug product either, but I’ve been introduced by my girlfriend to some top notch gluten-free and organic bread from Zehnder out at Maleny. A good mix of various seeds, pumpkin, fennel, cardamon seeds, a touch of cumin among other things – all natural. If you happen to run across it give it a go, it’s a nice change from the overly processed crap from your local supermarket.

Some things have amused me this week. There’s some discussion as to whether then @ohhdl account on Twitter is indeed the official Dalai Lama; I did actually follow him for a very short time but found the update frequency a little overwhelming. As it turns out, the account was suspended at least temporarily for “impersonation” (a no-no for Twitter) but was operational when I last looked

Does it strike anyone as seemingly appropriate that it may/may not be real? How zen. Speaking of which, if you’re Zen and a twitterer, have a look at some of the Zen-related twitterers like @zenhabits or @dailyzen. Other suggestions for people worth following welcomed of course.