How polite!

I’m testing the Prosody XMPP server package I’d mentioned some time back (I’ve worked with jabberd/jabberd2 and ejabberd, figured a new tinker toy was on the cards) and got this when trying to check the service status – as a non-privileged serf/peon

mfleming@pong ~]$ /etc/init.d/prosody status
Prosody is not running

You will also see this if prosodyctl is not running under
the same user account as Prosody. Try running as root (e.g.
with ‘sudo’ in front) to gain access to Prosody’s real status.
[mfleming@pong ~]$ su –
[root@pong ~]# /etc/init.d/prosody status
Prosody is running with PID 17701

If only more software packages were that polite and helpful ? (looks in the direction of some larger software concerns that shall remain nameless)