Holiday halfway point.

One full week to go before I’m back to the grind (something I’m not looking forward to, but I have to eat)

I’ve at least managed to get something different in this time – a visit to the new Modern Art Gallery at Southbank, a stroll or three around the Botanical Gardens (which is always good to de-stress oneself and remember that even as a city-dweller I’m a part of nature and it a part of me).

The gallery was quite impressive, even if most of it doesn’t make too much sense immediately – you’d look at the work, think “what the fsck is this all about?” then look at the work’s title (which is all-too-ironically titled “Untitled” – the creativity stops at the naming of a piece??) – but even for an Arts grad like me it’s little help. ? Some of the photography was impressive and for some reason, there was an “installation” showing parts of Jackie Chan movies – gotta love pop culture.
More kit coming into the home – the gigabit stuff is working splendidly (builds are absolutely flying) and I’ve got a hard drive enclosure (USB-external) and a new brain coming (Sempron 3300 – no real need to go AM2 just yet and they’re cheap right now) .

I do need to find a good fan for Mum’s machine, as it’s running 50+ degrees idling…
Squashed a couple of my open Fedora bugs, and locally ran up a copy of mod_security 2.0.4. I’ll consult the peanut gallery on how to get this cleanly into Extras, as it’s quite an upgrade. One word of warning – the “core rules” are quite fascist and I soon turned them off. Repoview and Munin agents don’t get along well with some of the protocol rules.

I pushed my GeoIP fetcher scripts into a new Extras GeoIP package release (closing the bug kindly opened by Matthias Saou of FreshRPMs fame some time back) and all looks good there. I might finally get the GeoIP-Perl package in there soon, it’s fairly clean and has been super-reliable for me for some time.

I also switched my spam filtering (for all users and domains, not just me w/bogofilter anymore) to amavisd-new, and it’s worked fairly well so far. It’s bayes recognition isn’t as good as bogofilter’s alas, so some training is still needed.

A site redesign is being planned (or at least I’ll start) for the weekend. Primary targets for love are the About page (which is horribly outdated now) Zen (WTF? Gotta update that!) and Tech (Which I may as well expand and perhaps wikify?).

As I’ve previously mentioned, the picture items are going to Gallery2 anyway and the site layout needs an overhaul to bring it out of it’s 1998-style.

It’ll also give me a good chance to see how well I’ve managed my bazaar-ng repositories vis-a-vis branching.

You’ll see the difference when it’s up ?