Fecking NOOOO!

This cannot be happening!

Dublin Guiness Brewery to close?

My Irish brethren – don’t let this happen! It’s a slight against common decency! What would Dylan Thomas, George Best and Father Jack have said!

The local on-tap stuff is already shite thanks to hard water around the local breweries, if the canned / bottled imports from Ireland go, I’m going to have to give up drinking, which just isn’t right.

If it weren’t for alcohol, why would I do things like register domains on a whim (enlartenment.com? People still ask me what it means) or open MySpace profiles (http://www.myspace.com/thatfleminggent) or take advice about baring my soul on online dating services as a good idea

(Yeah, it worked for you – but you’re smoking hot – every photo I have of myself looks like I’ve just eaten / about to eat an infant.

You know who you are and I love you all the same ? )

Then again – perhaps a combination of my good self + MySpace + RSVP/Lavalife = more people start drinking = more reason for Guiness to stay at St. James’ Gate.

Stout Beer For The Win!