Enlightened kids and new toys and spring cleaning..

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“What A Stupid World”

…even comic characters understand the concept of impermanence ?


I’ve been doing some server infrastructure and web R&D lately; I am a fairly recent convert to the benefits of PowerDNS, especially the recursor, which I’ve now installed on qbert in place of BIND (there’s nothing wrong with BIND per se, each to their own. I just happen to like this app).

I’m also VERY impressed by the Zabbix monitoring system – all the cool things about nagios, with much less hassle, niftier and to-the-point notifications (inbuilt Jabber notifications for a start) and much less noise. I’d recommend systems admins have a good look at it if they haven’t already.

I’ve also been looking into WordPress plugins, and have packaged the OpenID plugin as a starter. I may publish more should the desire to do so take hold ?

I am also in a business frame of mind, which is partly driving the above. If you like the idea of integrated messaging systems using open protocols (ie XMPP) then you may be interested in a project I’m thinking up. Watch this space.

Other Minor Bits:

  • Fedora 9 in 2 weeks. I will likely again package stuff for it, but as the distro gets larger there’s less for me to package that isn’t in the main repositories.
  • I’ve also removed all pre Fedora 7 repository data, as it’s a) obsolete and thus b) potentially buggy and insecure. If you haven’t upgraded to at least Fedora 8 yet, do so.
  • Oh, and by the way, if you like my packages and are feeling philanthropic, you can keep me in coffee and hard disk space by donating via PayPal – see my Packages page.
  • I’ve also been tinkering with the blog itself; if you have an OpenID credential you can now login and make comments here using it, no need to explicitly register.
  • I’ve given in to the twitterati – if you want to follow me, I’m thatfleminggent. You can probably see my tweets elsewhere on this page courtesy of Twitter Tools.