Emergency repo update :-(

If you’re a user of my Fedora repository you should probably read this. Really.

Unfortunately, due to a combination of damaged kernel and dodgy hard disk on my build system, the rsync master repository (on said build system) got slightly corrupted and several RPMs within the Fedora Core 6 sets were corrupted when I pushed out this morning’s update.

I’ve since rebuilt the affected packages, which will appear in repoview / directory listings with today’s date. Below are the affected packages – if you’ve pulled these in today, please remove and reinstall these (if you’re using yum, clear the cache first)

  • mt-daapd
  • libmad
  • kajaani-kombat
  • icewm
  • dropbear
  • dangerdeep
  • bogom
  • tmsnc
  • phpmyadmin
  • perl-Zen-Koans
  • oroborus
  • mrxvt
  • mcabber
  • libgsasl
  • gammu
  • courier-imap

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause (I’ll add post-signing signature tests to my build hacks to find this in future.)

PS the disk in the build box is now fine (a couple of bad sectors cleared)