Back to the grind, with much to think about.

Tuesday has seen me back in the office – admittedly not the first work-related day back, as I went on-call for one of my colleagues on Saturday morning owing to a tragic family accident (my thoughts are with them).

Fortunately it’s not been busy, so flare-out (too much too quickly after coming back from a break) is unlikely. Additionally, the team should see an extra member next week and another the week after – it’s about time! ?

I did manage to catch a flick and some other odds and ends in the dying days of my sojourn. The new Bond is actually very good and the first ten minutes of the film (Casino Royale for those that have been marooned for the last few months) saw some of the best stunt work I’ve seen in ages.

Whilst I got all the computer parts I was looking for (the 3300+ being especially useful) I never did pick up a copy of Neverwinter Nights 2 – I might hang on until most of the bugs are fixed and it’s a bit cheaper. Instead I picked up the budget Battle For Middle Earth.

This is unusual for me at least as I’m generally crap at real-time strategy, getting uttlerly annihiliated at Command and Conquer / Total Annihilation / Warcraft / Starcraft et. al but I seem to be getting the hang of this one in much the same way as UT2003/2004 and SW:Battlefront II improved my first-person-shooter mojo, especially as a sniper class.

As for much to think about – well, I may leave that for later on. Suffice to say things will change and there will be no more looking backward – just going straight onward!