Presto, We Have No Gallery!

Fedora / Linux stuff:

For those users of my package set, you can now use yum-presto to grab deltarpms of my packages for Fedora 10 and 11. This should make your life easier – I know my upstream link isn’t always fast so the less traffic over it the better for you guys – it’s a good thing I don’t do 120+mb packages like Danger From The Deep anymore eh? :-). Feedback welcomed as always.

The last push of Fedora updates hit my local mirror and mostly played nice, except Gallery2 which leads me to:

General Non-Linux-Specific Stuff:

… the gallery, which has borked itself. Oh Gallery2, why do you mock me?

I used to keep a bunch of old photos – taken or just collected, under /gallery.

As some were of an ex-acquaintance of mine, Tina Wallmann, they proved quite popular and widely linked to (she’s a bikini model and has large *ahem* tracts of land :-))

But they’re old, we’ve long since parted company (have not seen her in a couple of years and she seems disinterested in old friends back here in Brisbane, having moved on to a different crowd in Sydney) and it tends to detract from more interesting content on the site, I’ve decided to let ’em go. I’ll get less page impressions, but it’s quality not quantity I’d prefer. Gentlemen will just have to look elsewhere for their “evening private entertainment”.

The remnants I’ve pushed up to Flickr and integrated into my WordPress install via Fidgetr. It’s a decent compromise I think.

I’ve not disappeared – the move is complete

…. but not without dramas.

The move wasn’t as smooth as expected. The actual furnishings/equipment move was fine, but the technological move was not.

Thanks to the wonders of the monopoly telecommunications company here (Telstra) who, despite being privatised and made to compete with other carriers treats the public that funded their infrastructure with utter contempt, took over a week to supply me with a landline phone at my new apartment. Ergo I had no net connection aside work and only my mobile phone (cellphone to you Yanks) to keep in touch with people.

It was another four days after the landline got connected before Internode (my ISP) could get my ADSL2+ connected at the DSLAM. Again, because Telstra own the infrastructure (the exchange the DSLAM is housed in) a Telstra contractor had to do the work.

Only they fucked it up. It was another five days before Internode could get Telstra to return to the exchange and correct the fault (the ‘node tech and I determined – correctly – that the DSLAM port had been mis-jumpered). I even went so far as to talk to Telstra directly about the fault, but because I was not the one submitting the fault I was told not to call about it, despite it being on my line and affecting my job.

(If you are one of those charming folks in Telstra/Teletech callcentres: Fuck you. You piss and you moan that your customers abuse you, but you hung up on me twice, yelled at me, lied to me and had the hide to call ‘node to bitch about me rightly keeping you on your toes. This is on top of the crap I used to get at Webcentral due to your laziness and selfish desire to fuck over my team to keep your own KPIs in order. You fully deserve the shit you get from customers and the rest of the industry for your disinterest, rudeness, incompetence and sheer fucking arrogance. Burn in fucking hell.)

They eventually got it sorted – they never told me or Internode (I told them!) I just came home from work with line sync. While I was happy to get some access, the speed is lacking – around 8000 down/846 up. Considering the distance from the exchange I should be seeing more than that (~12000-13000). From some auditory investigation it sounds like I have noise on the line..

On the upside: I have as of Monday got my Fedora 8 repository up and running, it’s almost fully populated and ready to go and you can find it in the usual place

It’s a little delayed due to a) the above move b) getting an F8 install here to work with and most importantly c) the lovely (and loving) Meisha keeping me happily distracted from all things geek 🙂 I couldn’t wish for a more wonderful lady and I love her dearly 🙂

Still keeping the “aww that’s schweet” theme going, a huge congratulations to my friend and former work colleague Vesna on her engagement. You know who to grab as the wedding photographer and try not to wear the poor lad out on the honeymoon. 🙂 Happy for you Ves!

The Catchup Post.

Why yes, it has been a little while since I’ve posted anything of note. Hope the quote from Sean tided over the tragics who just couldn’t stay away.

There has been quite a bit happening, most of it good.

Dad has come back from Bangkok after his stem-cell operation and the results have been excellent. He’s got far more energy than before, is far more capable physically and mentally – it’s also done wonders for his state of mind and self esteem (he’d been losing the will to live prior to the op, I must admit. Not a pleasant thought..)

To those who doubt the uses of such research or think it’s an offence against their invisible sky person, I say toss your bias aside and look at the wider research. Not all is fetal – Dad’s procedure involved the use of some of his own healthy cells. It was done under local anaesthetic all in the space of an hour and most importantly it has worked – the man has been suffering for years and at this stage it’s lessened that suffering significantly – and that’s the most important thing.

I also had the all-too-brief pleasure of meeting up with my old friend Tina Wallmann at the Regatta Hotel the other week, which pleased me no end as I’ve not seen her for at least a couple of years. It’s always great to see her and I’m proud and impressed by what she’s achieved over the years I’ve known her. Sadly she’s moving to Sydney so our meeting may be the last for a while. 🙂 You will be missed terribly up here by all of us that have known you.

It was also nice of her to introduce me to her friends Michelle and Lynda (who won 3rd @ Miss Regatta, congratulations and well done). Nice girls and I wish them well; if they stick with modelling they’re well set as they’ve learnt from a master (mistress?) of the art. 🙂

I’ve not been to the Regatta previously (Toowong is a little out of the way for me, but it was for a friend so the effort is worth it) but it’s a good pub, well presented and spacious, drinks not too pricey either. If you’re in inner-western Brisbane it’s worth a visit.

I’ve not spent too much time at the PC of late – reading in my quieter moments, visiting family or just getting out and about. I’ve done a little bit though.
I have been impressed by Eclipse Europa for PHP (PDE) and Perl (EPIC) development – no I’m not a Java developer – and am using them heavily especially at work where I sorely need them.

My ADSL2+ has been rock solid and quick, a boon to folks grabbing my RPMs and browsing the site in general.

Speaking of RPMs, I’ve not built too many lately as the new release of RPM ( has caused a hopefully temporary glitch vs rpmdevtools, so no builds until this is fixed and my local mirrors sync. I have new arpwatch and asylum packages waiting. Good news is that perl-Geo-IP has finally passed review and will be in the main Fedora repository Very Soon Now.

I’ve also purchased a camera, finally – A Canon PowerShot A550 (on Russ’ advice) primarily for the Miss Regatta Final (but the shots were fairly poor, I should have RTFM) but it will come in useful elsewhere of course. I also replaced the old and busted webcam with a little QuickCam IM; Linux users should try the gspca driver as it works quite well with it.

One for the lazyweb: I’m looking at a new monitor when my pay comes in: suggestions for a 19″?

There has to be a happy medium somewhere (?)

Good Things:

  • Tina Wallmann has gotten a Zoo Weekly cover, a fairly good photoset (wish they’d lay off the airbrush though, she doesn’t need it) – nicely done, proud of you mate 🙂
  • Dad leaves for Bangkok on Friday night for a heart operation – hopefully this will give him a bit more time and a much better quality of life than he’s had this last 12 months.
  • I’ll hopefully be on faster connections at home soon – moving to ADSL2+

Bad Things:

  • It’s another 3 weeks before the new DSL can be set up, and I’m still owed expenses money from an old employer – which I want to use to pay off arrears. Get yer arse in gear!
  • AXUS RAID arrays suck horse dong. The serial connection options are crap and the front panel config is a joke. How the hell am I meant to reset a failed box to factory settings, pray tell?

Very Bad Thing:

  • I hope (perhaps in vain, but I have to remain positive) that I’ve not lost a good friend this week. Those who know me well know who I mean and perhaps what’s happening. I hate to see a great mateship end in such a horrible manner and I’ll do my utmost to avoid it – you know full well I’m understanding so don’t be afraid to talk to me, to thrash things out and work out what I swear on a stack of sutras is just a miscommunication somewhere along the line. If not, we’re both going to suffer for ages – a case of lost camaraderie and good times sullied. I don’t want that and I know you don’t either.

I’m so bored I could listen to Yes.

It’s Saturday, I’ve got a sore throat and I’m on call. Not particularly happy at the moment but things could be worse.

In pushing out a couple of small updates to the site tonight I remembered that a “bzr merge” will of course set the timestamps on any merged files, so when I synced the changes – pop, updated are all the dates on the pages (as the footer takes the file’s modification time to determine the last change in the page).

As I’d merged my development tree back to the stable one (the website you actually see) on the 5th, there’s now a bunchteen pages which incorrectly think they’ve been updated. Bugger.

I love bazaar as a version control system, especially after experience with CVS and Subversion, but that’s gonna be a pain in the arse. I might put a comparison of my experiences in the tech wiki sometime in the future.

However, my aside has worked well (and the cleanup hasn’t been painful for people) so that’s a good thing. This is also the first post using Drivel (GNOME blog client) so we’ll see how it works.

I also picked up the Zoo Weekly edition with the ever-gorgeous Tina in it. The one page she was on has been scanned and in the gallery if you want a look at it. I’m not much on the magazine (it sits precariously between the wannabe-GQ of Maxim/Ralph and the Playboy-for-Bogans that is Picture / People) but I’ll support a friend anytime.

I’ve put the Litany Against Fear on my Quotes page. For those that don’t know it, it’s from Frank Herbert’s Dune series, used by the Bene Gesserit sisterhood (and Paul Muad’Dib / Leto II) as a means of focusing their minds in times of stress. It’s a handy little mantra, and I may well expound on it’s uses later on…

However, I’ve got a cup of coffee brewing and a DVD to watch, so I’m off.

Random Post #2042007


Tina Wallmann has won Zoo Weekly’s Beach Girl Comp 2007

Congratulations! I’m not normally a Zoo Weekly reader but I’ll pick up this one (I hope they’re better to you than they were Lara Bingle)

Mercedes Corby is suing Today Tonight

That’s Karma for you. someone has to keep the 6:30 tabloid trash honest, may as well be via the legal system.


The April Fool’s Jokes on the web this year. Most of my regular sites didn’t bother or make much of an effort (Google tried too hard with TISP and Google Paper; Fark had a rather poor “we’ve been hacked” image in Demotivator style, Slashdot a ratings system ripoff that managed to be even worse than the pink “OMGPONIES” shite they pulled last year) but there was one unexpected site that came up with the goods.


A good April Fool’s joke is like good trolling – subtle and believable. Most Australian internet users are well aware of both the Government’s ineptitude towards technology and it’s overwhelming Conservative desire to keep it’s corporate and moralist masters happy. So when the above went up, the resulting response was the expected Howard-bashing – not until later was it revealed it was actually an AF gag. Good job there Simon (you even had me thinking twice)

I may need to lay low for a while :-):

In Fedora-land news I’ve checked in mod_security packages 2.1.0 for Core 6 and Core 5 (they’ve been in Rawhide for a while now)

It’s going to piss some less-attentive folks i’ll wager, so I’m expecting some bug reports and stick from the userbase. But as it also fixes a moderate vulnerability it had to happen (plus 1.9.x isn’t really well supported anymore)

Expect it to hit the mirrors tomorrow.

I also updated GeoIP to 1.4.2, but while fixing one stupid typo in my contributed code (the fetch-geoip-*.pl scripts) left another brown-paper-bag effort in. Perhaps when 1.4.3 comes out…


I need to fill out the Wiki (there’s some basic stuff there now, including my mail stats for you to chuckle at). I might move the Code and Anti-Spam stuff in there too.

More pics in the gallery. I’ve managed to keep my Google results in shape by intelligent redirection via mod_rewrite, and someone’s still looking at them. I figure I may as well put something good in there (“More Tina!” say the peanut gallery?)

Congratulations Tina!

I’d just like to quickly congratulate Tina Wallmann on placing runner-up in the Gold Coast Miss Indy 2007 model competition. Well done my friend!

I personally would have loved to have seen her win – I’m biased and proud of it – but the winner (Sarah Buller) is indeed worthy and 2nd is still no mean feat.

Yet another upside for her is the doors that this will open for her. Go Tina!