Fedora Packages


For fuck’s sake it’s 2019 people, these packages are long gone but for some godforsaken reason hits to them are STILL registering in my web analytics. 

Seriously knock that shit off right now you plonkers.

If by some insane non-reasoning you’re still looking for them, they’re buried under the unicorn shit with Harold Holt and Charlie Sheen’s career.

No I will not support them, they’re a security risk! What are you doing man!?

BIG FAT NOTE: As of 9 October the Enterprise Linux packages have a new RPM GPG key. Please update thatfleminggent-release to 5-5 to get the new key. All packages have been re-signed with Key ID 5660E21B

BIGGER FATTER 2017 NOTE:  If you are reading or using this in 2017 what the fuck are you doing? These packages are now older than dirt, remove thatfleminggent-release etc NOW.

If there’s something that hasn’t been superseded by EPEL/Remi/RPMForge:

  • Grab a bottle of strong alcohol. If you’re running EL5, make it absinthe.
  • Check that someone has current, maintained packages for your version of Fedora/Red Hat/derivatives. If they haven’t, grab a copy of rpmdevtools and mock and roll your own. Volunteer to maintain it in EPEL, which is what I used to do.
  • Start uninstalling that old shit.
  • Install the newer stuff.
  • If it’s working, awesome.  Finish the bottle and carry on.
  • If it’s not working, well you’re a bit fucked, sorry. Finish the bottle anyway, you’re gonna need it.

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  1. Sir,

    I dint find the Repository GPG key,could u please give me the link of that key…Now am struck between this key and next step.

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