Because I’ve not put one up for a while.

…here’s a desktop screenshot.

I’ve been running GNOME for who knows how long now – thought about KDE (nah) and Fluxbox (almost..) but stuck with what I know best. It just Works.
I’ve also avoided putting up images of late because I’m planning to move my hand-crafted / gThumb-generated galleries to Gallery2. However they do seem to get a lot of traffic and Google loves them (especially some of the joke ones or shots of Tina Wallmann) so I’ve held off so far.

The weekend saw me trying to get ahold of a UPS for the servers – the power feed in this block is decent however we still get brownouts and cuts occasionally. I’m not so bothered with downtime, I just don’t like the idea of shorting out the gear or limiting it’s lifespan. I had my eye on a good APC UPS, alas they were out of stock when I went up to Harris Tech (which is just up the road, I’m slack) to pick one up. A week and a half says the salesman – mind you, this is just in time for payday, so I may find myself capable of picking up a slightly bigger one.

Another quick one…

I have heard through the grapevine that my old pal Tina Wallmann is representing “The Drink” nightclub (Gold Coast, Australia for those who are not familiar with it) in this year’s Miss Indy competition. Good luck my friend!

(No more running as an also-ran behind some swamp donkey at the now-defunct but not-really-missed City Rowers nightclub comps – you and Angie Mogridge are both taking names and kicking arse now. – I wonder whatever happened to the winner that night?)
Speaking of Ange – what’s she got lined up for I wonder?

Highbrow and Low-brow quickies.

Some interesting odds and ends picked up today:

  • British composer, conductor and friend of every brass muso living or dead, Sir Malcolm Arnold died on the 23rd. Playing and listening to his works over the years has been a great pleasure and his work will live on – it’s all very accessible, even those who may only know “Colonel Bogey” from “Bridge on the River Kwai” can enjoy them.
  • I never thought Condoleeza Rice a potential Miss World, but didn’t realize things were this bad. It must be all the torture/corruption/fearmongering/wiretapping apologia….

The life must flow!

For those who didn’t think I’d ever do it…. Here it is.

I carried that sucker around for years (got it in 2000 from Leomie, hope she’s doing well) as a reminder of someone who meant a great deal to me. However all things pass, and it’s well over time I put it away, so back into the old photo album it goes.

The place just isn’t interesting or fun anymore, most of the atmosphere is long gone. To those still earning a crust there, may your time be fruitful and you find a path out of suffering soon.

Pity I never got a chance to farewell their exemplary security/doorman Spiros nor my near-enlightened pal Sarah. But they know I respect them and understand – they’ll see me around.

Interestingly, of those I did farewell, only one asked why – but I’ll wager that young man’s mindfulness serves him well in his long life ahead. Good job Will 🙂

New weblog software!

Yes, after something of a hiatus I’ve followed the crowd and switched over to WordPress.

Is this a permanent arrangement? I’ll have to see how it goes. It’s been OK so far, although not having my own tree is something of a pain.. (this is the Fedora Extras RPM so installs in the datadir, limiting customisation somewhat.)

I’ll need a nicer theme too to go with the rest of the site.

I’ve at least got the last handful of entries from my regular blog (hooray for import functions :-D) and the rest will stay as a “legacy archive”. For my next entry I’ll even try writing something interesting, after all it’s been a month or so!