Moving domain registrars – NoDaddy Day

My domains are currently registered with GoDaddy, which seemed like a good idea at the time but given the company’s and their CEO Bob Parsons’ blatant disregard for customers, common decency, ethics and acceptable business practices I’m moving them en-masse to different registrars.

As for why? Let me count the reasons:

  1. GoDaddy Faces Boycott over SOPA support (Goodbye a free Internet, hello online feudalism. Don’t believe their attempts at backtracking, merely an ill-considered public relations move that’s fooling noone)
  2. CEO Shot Female Elephant, Not Bull (Bob Parsons, CEO – thinks it’s perfectly fine to hunt elephants for sport, fails to CYA. Welcome to the 18th century Bob)
  3. SOPA debate puts GoDaddy in hot water over domain transfers (GoDaddy limiting outbound domain transfers – either you simply don’t have the capacity or you’re outright dodgy dealing IMO)
  4. Need I say more about their cringe-worthy advertising and “Go Daddy Girls”?

As I host my own DNS services (Motto: “If you want it done right, do it yourself – including screwups”) I expect little to no downtime.

For folks unfamiliar with the proposed legislation (and if you’re a savvy user in the US and don’t – why not!) go and read about it right now! Do you want commercial enterprises and government flodging complaints and taking down lawful domains/content with impunity and no legal recourse? Stifling innovation and competition by allowing said bodies to simply muzzle online ideas that don’t suit their worldview?

Not I. So on the 29th (if not earlier) I’ll be participating in the great exodus from GoDaddy to a registrar that actually cares for the state of the global Internet.

For reference, here’s some info on the bills in question:

Seriously – in comparison Steven “I’m not bought by the Australian Christian Lobby, really!” Conroy’s Australian internet filter is positively mild 🙁


Another closed protocol failure…

It looks like the Microsoft Windows Live Messenger Service protocol servers are unresponsive tonight (http login still works) – I’ve got some friends from old workplaces and other Windows hold-outs using it, so I still have an active account.

If you haven’t convinced friends/loved ones/co-workers to switch over to a decentralised, completely free and open protocol like XMPP, now is a good time! I’ll be making some gentle suggestions to the abovementioned holdouts 🙂

Fedora has a slew of options for all the common desktop managers as well as the console (I look after mcabber for instance) and there’s excellent options for your Mac / Windows friends in Pidgin, PSI, Pandion et. al

At least with the XMPP network one downed service doesn’t bring down the  whole house, especially with cluster-aware servers such as ejabberd freely available and plenty of open, public services around.

Just Plain Bad Service

I almost lost two of my domains this week – a registrar / hosting company that will not be named decided to close them off without any notice – no email, letter or even a phone call.

15 minutes in a phone queue as the “next to be answered” and a debate with the tech on the other end finally got me the registry keys for both – I certainly won’t be renewing with them or asking for the accounts to be reopened, I’m already transferring them to my GoDaddy account.

Given their focus on “customer service” (even their technical support staff are “e-business consultants”) this is a MAJOR blot and I won’t tolerate it – no more business from me! It’s bad enough that they’re double the price of most offshore competitors but to close down accounts without notice is just plain intolerable.

The irony of the situation is that I worked at that hosting company for years and on realising this the tech at the other end started to agree with my assessment of the situation 🙂 Additionally I still know their systems better than some of the folks there now! (I talked him through the process of getting the keys)

I was quite pleased to see a WordPress 2.8.1 upgrade hit EPEL quite quickly – new features and a security rollup all in one and before I felt the desire to roll one up myself. Cheers Adrian! This release was rock solid and the upgrade the most painless on record.

My own packaging is slowing up a little due to so little out there that is a) not already packaged or b) not really ready. One I have given a test run is the Miredo client for IPv6/Teredo tunnelling. IPv6 tunnelling is widely available – many places will even have native connectivity – but for those cases where you are behind a restrictive NAT (or just want to tinker like I do) it’s an interesting alternative. Fedora packages from my usual repositories.

Revisting Nagios for monitoring – I can’t just walk over and look at a server several thousand miles away –  brought back a few memories, it took a bit more dusting off of the old knowledge  (I use Zabbix at work, they’re dragging me into using Xymon which I don’t like as much) but it’s working quite well and the EPEL/Fedora packages are kept well up to date. With puppet / func it’s even simpler to roll out the NRPE checks (which were always tedious when done by hand)

The SmokePing package has also been a boon in the workplace – I used it to successfully convince our network administrator that the packet loss we’d identified wasn’t our imagination and lo, it got fixed as we could track performance. Again it wasn’t hard to install and the configuration makes sense after a pint or two 🙂

My girlfriend and I have been getting back into yoga – “hot” yoga, which is the standard fare, just in a 35+ degree heat – and the timing is perfect; It’s been freezing here in Brisbane (10-20C on average, which is brisk for this part of the world) and I needed something to keep my mind in check. To my surprise I even held my form despite being away from it for a month or more 🙂