Fedora Packages

BIG FAT NOTE: As of 9 October the Enterprise Linux packages have a new RPM GPG key. Please update thatfleminggent-release to 5-5 to get the new key. All packages have been re-signed with Key ID 5660E21B

BIGGER FATTER 2017 NOTE:  If you are reading or using this in 2017 what the fuck are you doing? These packages are now older than dirt, remove thatfleminggent-release etc NOW.

If there’s something that hasn’t been superseded by EPEL/Remi/RPMForge:

  • Grab a bottle of strong alcohol. If you’re running EL5, make it absinthe.
  • Check that someone has current, maintained packages for your version of Fedora/Red Hat/derivatives. If they haven’t, grab a copy of rpmdevtools and mock and roll your own. Volunteer to maintain it in EPEL, which is what I used to do.
  • Start uninstalling that old shit.
  • Install the newer stuff.
  • If it’s working, awesome.  Finish the bottle and carry on.
  • If it’s not working, well you’re a bit fucked, sorry. Finish the bottle anyway, you’re gonna need it.


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  1. Sir,

    I dint find the Repository GPG key,could u please give me the link of that key…Now am struck between this key and next step.

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