Fedora Packages

BIG FAT NOTE: As of 9 October the Enterprise Linux packages have a new RPM GPG key. Please update thatfleminggent-release to 5-5 to get the new key. All packages have been re-signed with Key ID 5660E21B

This contains a number of packages I’ve built for Fedora Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS. They were mostly server-oriented (initially being built primarily for use on qbert here) but may be of general use nowadays.


  • A supported version of Fedora – get it at Fedora Project
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 or CentOS 5
  • The standard YUM package manager


For the simplest and laziest install, grab the “thatfleminggent-release” package for your Fedora/CentOS/RHEL version; the Repoview links will provide the appropriate packages and a list of available software.

Currently Supported Repositories


Ideally, the main repository should be used in tandem with the main Fedora repositories. I am apparently listed as not-quite compatible with the RPMFusion project (the merged repositories of what has been Livna, Matthias Saou’s FreshRPMs and the Dribble games and emulation collection) but as I use them personally I’m fairly confident this collection can be mixed without problems – I’d like to know of anything to the contrary!

Note: Support for DAG / Dries repos (“RPMForge”) had been dropped in April 2005. It may still be interoperable (I believe his RPMForge project is using similar conventions to Fedora which is good and will help greatly) but I personally am not following them. I cannot provide support for any repository mixture issues with these folks either I’m afraid.


I will endeavour to support the current stable / “gold” releases in a reasonably timely manner. This is done in my spare time so I can’t give turnaround times or service level agreements :-)

There is a Jabber/XMPP persistent room at “thatfleminggent-rpm@conference.thatfleminggent.com” – any user can join, all that’s needed is a Jabber client (including Google Talk) to connect.

What happens to EOL (End Of Life) releases?

I will stop supporting my packages for EOL Fedora/RHEL releases at the same time as the upstream project. It’s often the case that the packages themselves will hang around for much longer, but don’t expect updates – it’s a good idea to move to an updated distribution version.

Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4?

Perhaps, if I can spare the time and resources.  The RHEL packages are a result of me needing several for internal use and for work (which is all RHEL / CentOS 5) so I thought I’d share.

APT package manager support?

No, sorry – apt-rpm is essentially dead. “smartpm” is an alternative that will read yum metadata if yum itself isn’t to your tastes.

Reporting Bugs

I try and do a little QA on my packages but bugs creep in. If you find one, let me know via email or Jabber IM and I’ll investigate as soon as possible (and credit you in the changelog). I may even set up a bug tracker :-)

New Packages and Suggestions

I do keep my eye out for useful package-able software. I generally lean towards things that have been useful or interesting to me personally but I’m happy accept suggestions.

I also package for Fedora Project themselves, so I’m aware of what’s in their repositories and review lists.


I do this in my spare time as mentioned, but will graciously accept donations to keep me in good quality beer / tea.

Build Process

All current packages are built using Fedora’s “mock” build tool, with some scripts wrapped around the main mock invocation commands. I’m planning to migrate to Koji in the near future for better management and automation.

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