Yeah, He Did.

Chill, I got this
Chill, I got this

Barry, just don’t fuck it up, k? Please bro? That last yokel really screwed the pooch.

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Things I’ve learnt this week

  1. There are no tasteful Myspace layouts. It’s simply not possible
  2. Most of the invites on above are spammers or struggling musos. No thanks..
  3. I like Perl’s way of writing to files better than Python’s
  4. Olive oil makes a fast and effective makeup remover (the things I learn from Meish!)
  5. Headhunting old work colleagues is fun and potentially profitable
  6. 512mb memory sticks don’t cut it anymore. Thankfully bigger ones are dirt cheap
  7. Lawrence of Arabia is quite long and slow in parts, despite being a classic movie.
  8. OpenID doesn’t get enough love among the general web community

I’ll also need to change my diet, which has regressed a little – feeling a little grungy lately and that’s not good. I might pop down to the chemist and look at some of the liver cleansing packs they carry; it helped last time. Cutting back on the junk completely might help, as would limiting myself to just a couple of cups of coffee a week, not the 3 a day some of my work colleagues are drinking.

What a strange state of being this is…

This has been one of those times where a moment of quiet reflection is not suggested, but mandatory.

Firstly, my near and dear is most upset over the loss of a favourite horse. Being the animal lover she is, loss of any animal companion is going to hit hard.

Secondly, it turns out that Rosie Bebendorf, who died New Years Day after taking a dud E / GHB hit, was a friend of my old mate Stace’s. My condolences to all concerned for your loss.

Folks, appreciate what is around you while you are here to do so. It’s ephemeral and sadly so are you and I.

And on the “yeah, you really have problems, not” side, we have the greatest (attention) whore in the history of civilisation with this gem.

I’ve only slept with two men – Paris Hilton

Yes, and Barbara Cartland wrote a couple of short stories and Paul McCartney wrote the odd popular ditty.

Paris, either do something useful and constructive or just go away, please. You add little to the public discourse and your lamentations are frankly laughable.

(“Charity work”/donations/trusts are a furphy, simply a tax dodge for your sort, try a soup kitchen or Rosie’s van if you want to do it right)


So, what have I done, where is the old site, you ask?

Well, I figured that the site could do with an update. It’s been literally years since I’ve made a major change to it. However there’s a few problems with this:

  1. I am not a hardcore website designer or coder. I looked at a stack of frameworks (Django, TurboGears, CakePHP among others) and there’s too much work involved. They’re really cool but ..
  2. I don’t have hours of time for this. I have a life after all. I wanted something simple I could use.
  3. I looked at a range of CMS options, including Drupal, which I’ve used for DotProfile Consulting. It’s cool and useful, but that being said..

I wound up “promoting” my WordPress blog to the “main” site. After looking over my old site, the only interesting things left were the Packages pages, the Quotes and the Servers pages. So I’ve added those as WP pages, redirected the old PHP pages to their new counterparts and viola (sic!) here we are.

This will at least enable me to keep the site more up-to-date in a simple manner, as well as encourage me to add to it once in a while. πŸ™‚ The theme is a good one too hey?

There’s still some teething and missing linkage – I’ll have to re-integrate the popular Gallery (which is still google-ranked for Tina Wallmann’s photos) once WPG gets fixed. I’m going to miss the GeoIP abuse / fun, but I’m tempted to write a plugin to bring it back πŸ™‚

The “hardcore geek” stuff I’m going to move more towards the DotProfile site, keeping this more “personal”.

If there’s anything my regular visitors miss, please let me know!

PS. No Biting Pears Of Salamanca were harmed in the authoring of this post.

Three little pre-Christmas requests.

Dear Lazyweb,

I’ve set up icecast as anΒ  IPV6-only experiment (the result of a half-drunken challenge from Mr Steven Lisson Esq.) and am streaming some Ogg Vorbis tracks off it with EZstream. Winamp and Totem Player (Linux/Gnome) work fine. Banshee (Gnome/Mono) and WMP however do not – WMP freezes and Banshee refuses to even start the stream. I can’t see why, even in the logs. Any ideas?

Dear Santa,

Please put lumps of coal in my office helpdesk operators’ stockings. They’ve been very naughty – they insult my intelligence, break things that work perfectly, don’t fix things that should and tell fibs about why things are down/unavailable/generally FUBAR. That’s bad, OK? It’s bad form to BS your systems admin I don’t want to LART them at this time of year, but if you don’t come through I will and it won’t be pretty.

Dear Stephen Conroy, Minister for Communications (or soon to be “MiniTru”.)

You remember Harold Holt, right? Do you like to swim? Have you considered following his example about taking a good vigourous swim and not returning? I’ll even organize the Chinese submarine to come and pick you up this time, they like your filtering ideas after all, perhaps you’d be better off with them.

Don’t worry about sharks either. They don’t eat politicians – out of professional courtesy of course.



Just doing some rearrangements.

Don’t mind the disruption. I’ve just moved the blog to it’s own independent URL, just to keep things clean. Visitors and feed readers will be redirected automatically (a few lines of mod_rewrite here and there)

I’ll restore the Gallery2 integration once I work out WTF is causing embed.php to throw a 400 error.

If something else explodes, please let me know! πŸ™‚

EDIT: Seems it’s not my fault – something between multi-site Gallery2 2.3 and the WordPress integration… Almost had it going!

Busily employed.

I’m happy to (belatedly) announce that I’m now back in full-time employment, having started as systems administrator at Australian Publishing Network’s Milton office. My colleagues are pretty switched on, the atmosphere is fairly easygoing and being on Park Road there’s no shortage of places to get a decent coffee (even if it’s a little expensive)

I’m still ramping up DotProfile (consulting services) however so as not to create a conflict of interest I’ll be concentrating more on the messaging/XMPP, email and host security aspects.

Of course having a paycheque also means I can finally pay off the glasses I’ve got on order (and the jacket!) and get a decent haircut – I’m starting to look like a hair metal throwback, without the groupies or the over-the-top “axe”, or power-ballads.


Tim Berners-Lee says the Internet is full of lies

He’s quite right in saying there’s a hell of a lot of unsubstantiated and downright erroneous rubbish out there – look around FreeRepublic or StormFront or RaptureReady or the Church Of Scientology for example (and despair for humanity) and his comments makes perfect sense.

But we’re not all Cecil Adams or the good folks at Snopes – I’d love to see them cloned but there’s no chance of that given the state of science funding – so we’re going to have to take another approach.

ICANN have recently pimped out top-level domains and while many have seen this as a bad move, suddenly it has advantages. How’s this for a proposal:

– Pass the hat around, register a .bullshit top level domain

– create 2nd-level “racist.bullshit”, “partisan.bullshit”, “psuedoreligious.bullshit” etc. DNS zones.

– Populate them like a DNS blacklist (“right hand side” style a-la for the techies reading) – assign them and a text record explanation “ Listed: Neo-Nazi hillbillies still smarting over the Civil Rights Act”

– Write a browser plugin to work in a similar fashion to SSL Extended Verification: Plugin looks up the domain on the various .bullshit DNS lists, if a match is found pops up an warning “Content on this site is likely complete and unadulterated bollocks: Take as seriously as 4chan threads” to warn the visitor that This Site Is Full Of Shit.

I see a great need. Who’s with me? πŸ™‚

The idiots are running the asylum

U-huh, given the idiocy of the hicksville judges in Virginia (spam costs the recipient money and sure as hell isn’t free speech) and the self-aggrandising attention whoring of Leibermann (like a terrorist organization is going to put their how-tos on YouTube – it’s at best a stunt on the politician’s part, or the start of efforts by them to pressure YT into censoring more things they don’t like at worst) it’s understandable that the rest of the world would route around the US.

US Citizens, I beg of you to put the adults back in charge come your elections in November (not the Abe Simpson/Ma Kettle pairing on the Right, we’re sick of yee-haw shoot ’em up statesmanship) or the Rest Of The World will have to send you to the corner chair with the dunce cap until you do.

We don’t really want to, but if you keep doing stupid things like this, we will.